Menus references for early years

Manu for children from 6 to 9 months old.

According to the World Health Organization, 6 months of age is the perfect time to start weaning for babies. In addition to breast milk, your baby needs an essential amount of nutrients found in food.

Mom can prepare dishes for 6-month-old children with ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals such as vegetables, fruits and legumes.

During the first meals, mothers start by mixing baby cereal with breast milk. As your baby gets used to weaning, mothers finely crush or cook cooked fruits with breastmilk or formula. Mom can choose avocado, banana, pumpkin, tomato or potato … The food needs to be well cooked. You are not allowed to use cow’s milk until your baby is 1 year old. In addition, mothers can cook white porridge or flour to eat.

In the last days of the sixth month, mothers should add new dishes such as meat, fish, vegetables and porridge in the main meal with a side meal of pureed fruit.

The weaning menu for 7-month-old babies needs more animal protein

7-month-old Infants have a more complete digestive system and a relatively good opening ability. At this time, Mom can prepare porridge dishes with meat and vegetables.

Mother should “upgrade” to add fish, shrimp, crab to supplement necessary vitamins and minerals. Some delicious snacks in the nutritious snack menu for babies 7 months old include:

  • Egg soup
  • Pumpkin porridge / minced meat powder
  • Pork porridge / zucchini powder
  • Fish porridge
  • Vegetable rib porridge
  • Shrimp and yam powder
  • Sweet chili oat porridge and pickled pasta with egg sauce

The weaning menu for babies 8 months old should be more various.

At this stage, children need a minimum daily intake of nutrients with 500ml of milk and 3 main snacks. The content in the menu each meal is 200ml.

The main meal includes 4 food groups rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals … with meat / fish / shrimp cooked with white rice, vegetables, and a little oil for babies.

Mom can refer to some dishes in the weaning menu for 8-month-old babies such as squash pork porridge, pork mushroom porridge, carrot fish porridge, pork chops porridge.

All are crushed and pureed so that the baby can easily swallow and absorb nutrients good for the body.

Add raw foods to weaning menus for 9-month-old babies

From the 9th month, mothers begin to change the weaning menu so that the baby develops the ability to chew food. The mother feeds the baby soft foods like porridge / thick soup and gradually increases the size of the pig. Babies need to eat ⅔ bowl each meal.

Please refer some recipes bellows

  • Some food from the eggs (chicken eggs, duck eggs)

Simple egg yolk porridge:

Raw material

Chicken eggs: 1/2 yolk

Thicken well-cooked porridge: 1 tablespoon

Water: 1/2 bowl (cup)

Cooking oil for baby food


Put the porridge in the pot, add water, beat the porridge to dissolve and boil.

Beat the egg yolks, reduce the fire of the porridge pot and add the eggs to the porridge slowly, pouring while stirring to dissolve the eggs, not clumping.

Let the porridge boil for 3 – 5 minutes for the eggs to fully ripen and then turn off the heat.

If the baby cannot eat the raw porridge, the mother should sift the porridge, let it cool down and let the baby use it.

Before feeding the baby, the mother should add 1 teaspoon of cooking oil to the baby, stir well and feed the child while the porridge is still warm to avoid fishy. In addition to this way of cooking, you can also boil the egg yolks, let it cool and then puree and mix into the porridge for your baby instead of stirring the eggs directly.

Sweet potatoes and chicken egg

Materials prepared:

Ordinary Rice: ¼ can

1 Clean chicken eggs

1 Yellow sweet potato

Baby cooking oil

How to make a snack menu for 9 months baby sweet potato porridge:

Put the rice in the basket, wash it and put it in the pot to cook

Washed, peeled sweet potatoes can be steamed or cooked with porridge.

When the porridge is cooked, add the egg yolks and beat them evenly. Heat for another 5 minutes, then turn off the heat

Scoop the porridge into a bowl and let a few drops of cooking oil let it cool.

Porridge from Pumpkin and eggs

Mother needs to prepare:

1 Chicken eggs:

White porridge: 1 serving

Pumpkin: 200gr


Spices and Olive Oil


Step 1: Use a pressure cooker to cook white porridge for your baby

Step 2: Pumpkin peeled, washed, boiled or steamed until soft and then beaten.

Step 3: Porridge cooked until boiling and tender, the mother put the pumpkin that was beaten into the porridge pot. Stirred.

Step 4: Quickly put the chicken eggs in the porridge pot and then beat them to blend the eggs into the porridge. Turn the flame down for 1-2 minutes to finish.

  • Foods from beef for babies

Chinses cabbage and beef

Materials prepared:

Ordinary Rice: ¼ can

Lean beef: 20g

Chinese cabbage: 25g

Olive oil: ¼ teaspoon


The non-glutinous rice is cleaned and put in the pot to cook.

Washed beef, minced and sautéed with olive oil

Chinese cabbage washed, drained, chopped. After the beef is cooked, add minced cabbage to the stir fry.

Ripe porridge for beef, chinese cabbage and boil for 3 minutes, stir and let cool for baby.

Rice ball with beef stir-fried with carrot


1 Carrot

100 grams of tender beef


Soft rice

Cooking oil


Beef marinated with fish sauce and 1 tablespoon cooking oil. Put in the mill and puree. Carrots: peeled and pureed.

Make the pan hot, stir-fry the carrots to be soft, then add the beef and sauté it softly, then bring to the bowl. Decorate the bear-shaped rice ball for your baby to enjoy more when eating.

Beef cooked with pumpkin


20g pumpkin

20g beef

20g of non-glutinous rice,

cooking oil


Wash beef and mince or puree

Heat up the cooking oil and put the minced garlic, then put the beef in.

Clean the pumpkin and then steam it, crush it with a spoon

When the porridge is ripe, add beef and pumpkin to stir well

Turn off the cooker, pureed the mix above again and cook again.

Put the porridge in to the bowl.

Some other dishes.

  1. Salmon, carrot, tomato, dill porridge.

Rice: 1/4 can

Salmon: 30g

Non-sugar fresh milk

Tomatoes: 1

Carrot: 1/3 bulb

Spices: ginger, cooking oil.


Rice: is washed clean, put in a pot to cook

Salmon: washed, removed the skin and soaked with fresh milk for about 20 minutes to reduce the fishy smell, then steamed with a little ginger, then crushed.

Carrots: peeled, steamed, and mashed

Tomato: seeded, minced

When the porridge is cooked, add salmon, carrots, and tomatoes, then stir well, stir and boil for 3 minutes.

Scoop the porridge into a bowl and add some cooking oil and stir well.

  1. Porridge from chicken and carrot


60 g of rice

50 g of chicken

40 g carrots


Spices: salt, nutritional oil for babies

How to cook carrot chicken porridge

– Wash the chicken and bring it to boil.

– Tear the boiled chicken, then grind or mince it.

– Carrots peeled and washed, boiled, then pureed.

– Wash and cut scallions

– Wash the rice and simmer it with chicken broth

– After the porridge is ripe, add the chicken, carrots, and a little green onion and stir well. Then add a little salt to the baby’s taste and turn off the heat.

  1. Porridge from Oatmeal, salmon, pumpkin.

Materials prepared:

Oats: 40g

Salmon: 25g

Fresh milk without sugar: 1 box

Pumpkin: 20g


Wash the oats with water and soak for another 5-7 minutes to soften.

Remove the skin of Salmon, wash it, soak it with fresh milk without sugar for about 20 minutes and then steam it with a little ginger. When fish is cooked, remove the meat and crush it.

Pumpkin peeled, steamed, crushed

Place the oats in the pot with the right amount of water and bring to a boil. Then, the salmon, pumpkin was crushed and boiled for 5 more minutes.

6.Potato beef soup

Materials prepared:

Lean beef: 35g

Potatoes, carrots: 1 bulb each

Cooking oil, scallions


The beef is washed, marinated a little ginger and then on the stove over medium heat

Carrots and potatoes are peeled, sliced and steamed, then mashed. If the baby can eat raw then the mother can cut the carrots into small pieces without crushing them so that the baby can practice chewing.

When the beef is cooked, add potatoes and carrots to cook.

Scoop the soup into a bowl and add some cooking oil, a little green onions and then let it cool down so your baby can eat.


Manu for children from 1 to 3 years old

Nutritional needs of babies in the 1 year old stage are quite high because at this stage, nutrition needs to meet important development steps in motor and cognitive skills.

The 5 groups of essential nutrients in this stage include:

  • Carbohydrates (starch, sugar, fiber): found in many types of sleep, potatoes, tapioca ….
  • Protein (protein): found in meat, fish, poultry, shrimp …
  • Fat: abundant in vegetable oils, nuts, fatty fish …
  • Vitamins: Found in fruits and vegetables
  • Minerals: Important minerals such as zinc, calcium, selenium, magnesium, and potassium are found in milk, eggs, fish, shrimp and vegetables …

From there, we can see that the menu for a 1 year old baby is very diverse, so mothers should frequently change dishes to help babies absorb all the necessary nutrients as well as more delicious.

Some kinds of food which children from 1 to 3 years old can eat.

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